Timeless Innovation,
Continuous Improvement

AccuSentry equips manufacturers worldwide to achieve 100% inspection and activate process and production intelligence by delivering collaborative means to monitor and improve performance via real-time dashboards.

Our solutions go beyond quality control. We work with our customers to improve production consistency, reduce product waste and optimize production performance. Our system is designed to close the data acquisition and analysis loop, to ensure that we not only discover every defect, but also “activate” the resulting data to make corrections up the line to help eliminate the defects before they occur.


AccuSentry was founded in 1991 by Dr. Wei Siong Tan to create configurable, versatile automated inspection systems. ​Utilizing an extensive image processing, computer engineering and software background, Dr. Tan and a team of talented engineers developed an integrated Sentry 9000 automated inspection system.

AccuSentry continues to lead the machine vision industry in research and development with its high speed advance image processing technology and severe industrial environment stability.

​Today, hundreds of AccuSentry Inspection Systems are used throughout the world helping manufacturers 24 hours 7 days a week.

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