New to Machine Vision

Essentially, machine vision endows machines with the ability to see, perceive and communicate specific visual data in situations where the objects being viewed or inspected are: moving at high speed; tiny, complex, or intricate; in harsh conditions; or in confined spaces. Using a software interface, engineers can decide what they want to “see” and then what “actions” are taken based on the data collected and analyzed. An effective machine vision system will allow you to take immediate corrective action (often in micro-seconds) as well as catalog and help you interpret historical trend data for overall process improvement.

Every machine vision application is unique. No matter how powerful the tools, it takes a seasoned engineer to implement them to achieve their best and highest use. Many factors must be considered to develop elegant solutions. Beware of taking shortcuts in the equipment you purchase and the expertise you employ. Not every inspection requires machine vision, but when appropriate it should be fully integrated into your data acquisition and analysis process, and facilitate continuous production improvement.

Inspection Solutions with Production Intelligence