Protect Brand Image: Improve Product Consistency, Increase Customers’ Satisfaction

In a high-speed production environment, machine stoppages are extremely costly. When production is running at full capacity, all machine stoppages directly translate to lost revenue. The large amount of waste generated during the machine ramping up and down further contributes to the dilution of profits.

AccuSentry Automated Inspection System is an ideal tool for maximizing the machine up time, reducing waste, and improving productivity. The AccuSentry Machine Vision System provides timely alert to the line operator to warn them of potential problems before defective products are produced.

Some of the disposable products inspected by AccuSentry systems are baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygienic pads, wet wipes, training pants, adult pull ups, sanitary napkins, and alcohol pads.

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AccuSentry competitive advantages are:
1. Proven Industry Leader
2. Quick Install > Minimal Production Disruptions
3. Leveraging on 100+ Years of our cumulative Industry Knowledge And Experience
4. Benefiting from our Extensive Research and Development for Continuous Innovation