Reduce Trouble Reports: Improve Vendor Relation, Protect Business Accounts

The automotive industry is a dynamic industrial sector with challenging requirements and high quality standards. Automotive assembly plants involve thousands of different parts from hundreds of different vendors. As parts are being assembled, a single defective component could cause very costly disruptions to the production flow. The later stage a defective component is discovered, the costlier are the consequences. Each defective component typically results in a trouble report that calls for a specified amount to be subtracted from the vendor’s billing. Worst yet, the vendor could risk losing the business entirely with the assembly plant. AccuSentry’s versatile, flexible, and powerful inspection system is an ideal tool to prevent defective components from leaving the vendor’s site before reaching the assembly plant.

AccuSentry’s Inspection System comes in a flexible and powerful package that can be customized to address challenging applications from stationary inspections to robot visions. The wide range of available image processing tools allow the systems to inspect parts such as Headliners, Door panels, Switch Plates, Brake Assemblies, and Fuse boxes. The picture below illustrates the parts that can be inspected by the AccuSentry machine vision system.

AccuSentry’s system provides a unique table driven inspection paradigm that enables a single inspection program to handle varieties of product styles in a single production line associated with today’s just-in-time manufacturing environment. The system reads the product code and automatically determines and checks for the correct components of that particular style, thus preventing a wrong part from being shipped to the assembly line.

Going beyond inspection and detection, the system provides trending data to spot production drift and to minimize costly production stoppages.

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