Expand Market Reach: Ensure Consistent Quality, Reduce Downstream Product Waste

To provide solutions to manufacturers of web products, AccuSentry offers integrated line scan systems that analyze every square inch of fast moving material to detect for weaving flaws, coating imperfections, surface blemishes, surface contamination, voids, holes, bubble formation, dents, scratches, and streaks, among others.

The Sentry 9000-LS system automatically detects, identifies, and displays defects in material produced continuously at high speed. The system enables manufacturers to detect defects early in the manufacturing process and prevents costly production flaws, and thus helping significantly reduce waste and down time. By using Repeating Defect Detection Technology (RDDT), the Sentry 9000-LS system provides alarms to prevent the production line from making waste material stemming from undetected repeating defects.

The Sentry 9000-LS software produces real time defect maps, defect catalogs, and post-production defect reports. The defect map is a graphic representation of a roll of web material providing detail mapping of the position, size, and types of all defects. The defect report provides a statistical summary of all defects and each ones, size, location, reverse location, and the file name of the associated image. The size and position information can be automatically input for avoiding defective product during post-converting operations. The defect catalog provides images of the defect for review. The Sentry 9000-LS provides useful and timely feedback for process improvement.

The flexibility of the Sentry 9000 application development platform allows individual applications to be customized to meet each industry specific requirements. The platform is scalable to support additional cameras to inspect the widest web in the industry. Examples of the products that are manufactured in continuous web format are nonwovens, plastic films, metal sheets, and paper.

For your specific needs, please Contact us at info@accusentry.com for more details.

The benefits of the Sentry 9000-LS system are:

  • Automated 100% surface inspection
  • Real-time production feedback and visualization
  • Help trouble shooting production anomalies
  • Improve product quality, reduce customer complaints
  • Stop repeating defects
  • Prevent costly waste
  • Remove subjectivity of human inspectors
  • Provide early warnings before reaching failure limits
  • Provide Defect Map, Defect Catalog, Defect Report
  • Provide Control Charts and Displays