Focus on Customers’ Needs
Analyze Requirements
Define Clear Objectives
Identify Tangible Benefits


Leverage on 100+ years of Industry Expertise
Collaborate on a Shared Common Goal
Emphasize Attention to Details
Formulate Practical Solutions


Utilize Proven Processes
Employ Best Practices
Minimize Production Disruptions
Implement Versatile and Adaptable Framework
Deliver Timely Results


Reduce Waste
Improve Machine Uptime
Ensure Product Consistency
Optimize Performance
Deploy Flexible Framework
Deliver Timely Results

Manufacturing enterprises are facing challenges to reduce costs and increase profitability. To thrive in a world of global competition and demanding customers, manufacturers must respond to change, and adapt quickly and accurately to dynamic conditions and requirements. AccuSentry helps manufacturing enterprises optimize production performance through a collaborative approach, product versatility, and dedicated support.

AccuSentry’s collaborative approach enables timely implementation of the actionable intelligence paradigm to systematically pinpoint suboptimal areas and corrective actions to create a more consistent and efficient production process. Real time automatic alerts enable production personnel to resolve problems and exceptions before they become customer issues.

Going beyond inspection and detection, AccuSentry provides a simple way to efficiently access, display, utilize, and convert that information to actionable intelligence. This approach enables AccuSentry to deliver a total solution to help achieve quick operational success with measurable results.

AccuSentry offers a wide range of processing and interfacing tools, visual displays, and reports in a versatile framework to handle the most challenging and demanding applications. The flexibility of the product is ideally suited for addressing changing requirements in dynamic manufacturing environments. The versatility of the platform enables manufacturers to meet future growth requirements.

Serving enthusiastically is the first core value of AccuSentry. We believe in team work and partnership with our customers to achieve a shared common goal for success. Our team of experienced personnel is committed to work closely with our customers and stay engaged through every phase of a project. Our vision is to be the leader of actionable intelligence through automated 100% product inspection. Our mission is to help manufacturing enterprises improve product consistency, reduce product waste, and optimize production performance. We are passionate about our mission and are dedicated to partnering with our customers to achieve success.

Inspection Solutions with Production Intelligence