AccuSentry is introducing the Sentry-Dashboard which is used to present real-time production intelligence and deliver business intelligence to drive better decision making.  The Sentry-Dashboard converts real-time inspection information into actionable intelligence.

Specifically, the Sentry-Dashboard will provide three different KPI dashboards: Production, Plant, and Executive. 

The Production Dashboard displays information specifically related to each production line that is useful for the line operators and line manager to run the line efficiently.  Each Production Dashboard allows the line operators and line manager to closely monitor the production performance and process trends.  It displays information to steer the line operators to take preventive and corrective actions, resolving problems and exceptions before they become production issues.

The Plant Dashboard focuses on information essential to achieving organizational alignment and business objectives.  It consolidates production data from all the lines and present line performance benchmark. The Plant Dashboard communicates the company’s STRATEGY to the plant personnel and describes how the STRATEGY relates to their work and what success will mean to both their work group and the organization.  The plant dashboard is designed to foster team work and a real-time continuous improvement culture that is focused on meeting performance goals.

The Executive Dashboard focuses more on tactical intelligence that is essential to timely decision making.  Continuous monitoring of vital trends in business performance allows the management team to stay close to the pulse of the production operation in real-time.  The Executive Dashboard displays relevant intelligence to help the management team to “fine tune” the business operation.  It allows the management team to quickly identify constraints, set priorities, and optimize resource allocations.  The dashboard provides a visual measure of strategic, tactical, and organizational alignment.