Simplicity is the key

Creating an inspection system capable of solving a wide range of problems while keeping the system simple has been AccuSentry’s primary objective. With the Sentry 9000, we have found the solution.

The Sentry 9000 is based on the most integrated software and hardware platform that makes it very simple to implement complex applications. The image processing software is intuitive and can offer several potential solutions to given problems. The system features AccuSentry proprietary cameras, customizable operator interface, and a fully integrated display.

The application setup is icon-driven and very easy for the developer to implement and modify as manufacturing needs change. The factory interface is just as easy to setup and make the Sentry 9000 useful for the production worker. The factory floor displays are fully visible to the operators and include multiple level of screen panels.

Analyzing the results and using the data for process improvements is easily done with the included statistics, display, and reporting package.

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The combinations of power, a flexible and simple user interface, intuitive programming and excellent customer service positions AccuSentry and Sentry 9000 as one of the premier machine vision providers in the world.
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