To remain competitive, manufacturing enterprises must improve production efficiency and simultaneously reduce cost. Having timely production intelligence is critical to the success of manufacturing performance improvement initiatives, helping to prioritize resources and improve the responsiveness of the production process. Automated 100% product inspection provides a wealth of information that can be compiled into intelligent data providing real time feedback for making timely decisions.

  • Information is meaningless unless it can be converted into Intelligence
  • Intelligence is not very useful unless it is Actionable
  • Automated 100% Product Inspection provides a wealth of information
  • Converting that information to Actionable Intelligence is the key to manage quality and increase productivity
Actionable intelligence helps deliver sustainable production performance improvements by giving the plant managers the ability to identify and resolve problems swiftly. It pushes certain decision making processes to the manufacturing frontline by arming the production personnel with relevant intelligence and instant views of the production process to respond quickly and effectively to changes.

Since 1991, AccuSentry has been delivering actionable intelligence solutions for a wide range of applications helping manufacturing enterprises increase product consistency, reduce product waste, improve machine up time, and optimize production performance through real-time automated product inspection, achieving sustainable improvements in production efficiency.

Today, hundreds of the AccuSentry Inspection Systems are used throughout the world helping manufacturers 24 hours, 7 days a week. Companies such as 3M, Tyco, Ciba Vision, Kimberly Clark, Owens Corning, HON, Grupo Antolin, and SCA have joined our growing customer list. Many of our customers realize significant benefits of more than 8% increase in production up time and 5% product waste reduction. In addition, they are able to expand their market presence through better product consistency.

Inspection Solutions with Production Intelligence