Since 1991, we have been delivering turnkey actionable intelligence solutions through 100% product inspection for a wide range of applications. We help manufacturing enterprises increase product consistency, reduce product waste, improve machine up time, and optimize production performance through real-time automated product inspection, achieving sustainable improvements in production efficiency.

Hundreds of AccuSentry Inspection Systems are operating 24/7 in manufacturing facilities worldwide. Companies such as SCA, 3M, Tyco, Attends Healthcare, Irving Personal Care, First Quality Products, Kimberly Clark, Owens Corning, Panasonic, Ciba Vision, HON, and Grupo Antolin have benefited from AccuSentry’s actionable intelligence solutions through automatic 100% product inspection


“AccuSentry systems provide us with the power and flexibility we require for our inspection needs. The flexibility and power of an AccuSentty inspection system allows us to solve very challenging and demanding applications. The system is also a great tool for analyzing manufacturing performance allowing us to understand and improve our manufacturing processes. The large set of available tools and fast processing speeds means I am only limited by what I can imagine. AccuSentry understands the importance of good customer support. Whenever we have run into problems they are quick to offer assistance and solutions. They take the time to understand the nature of the problem and then provide us with timely solutions.”

Patrick M. Duerr, 3M 3M  


“The AccuSentry Vision System enables us to inspect accurately a huge amount of criteria at a very fast pace with minimal waste. The Sentry 9000 software is well designed and very powerful. I feel comfortable customizing our programs for new products as our company grows. If I have a question related to programming or software. I know I can count on the AccuSentry engineers to answer them in detail.”

Rene Roy, Irving Personal Care     


“Very professional work and the explanations of the setup are clear. Very good feedback from the process persons.”

Gaetan Berard, SCA    


“AccuSentry helped us greatly In reducing product cost by significantly reducing our false rejects. Their engineers worked closely with us to understand our specific needs and tailored a solution to our problem that was up and running in about 3 weeks. The hardware has been very reliable in our 2417 environment.

David Hyink, Ciba Vision