Simple, Flexible, and Integrated

  • Versatile Processing Unit
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Complete Visual Inspection Tools
  • Adaptable Processing Environment

AccuSentry invented the key software and hardware technologies that comprise the core of the automatic inspection system. As a result, different components of the system are innovatively integrated to enable AccuSentry to deliver a total solution that is simple to implement for a wide range of applications. The system includes everything necessary to install a fully automated inspection system on a factory floor.

AccuSentry designs the system with an architecture that facilitates actionable intelligence. Essential information for instant production feedback such as production rate, percentage of up time, daily production pattern, operator productivity correlation, and production lines comparison are presented in a user friendly graphical environment to display real-time data, tables, graphs, charts, maps, and reports. This real time intelligent information enables operators to respond quickly and take immediate corrective actions.

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Inspection Solutions with Production Intelligence