Selecting a Lens for the Camera

The type of optical lens used determines how far the camera should be mounted. The lens focal length determines the viewing angle of a lens. The following table shows the approximate vertical field of view in inches for a given distance from the collar face of the ASI2000 camera to the product to be inspected.

The following table helps determine the required viewing area on the production line using a specific lens and camera height combination. To determine the Field Of View for the Line Scan Camera please email or contact AccuSentry through web form.

The following formulas can be used to approximate the required lens focal length (in mm), FOV, or camera distance (for FOV greater than 7.4 mm) if two of the three variables are known.

FOV = Distance * 7.4mm / Lens f.l.

For example, if the lens has a 25 mm focal length and the distance is 24 inches, then:
FOV = 24 in * 7.4 mm/25mm = 7.1
Horizontal FOV = Vertical FOV (1 to 1)

Lens Focal Length Approximation {XE “Lens Approximation”}
The approximate lens focal length can be calculated from a given FOV and camera distance:

Lens = Distance * 7.4 mm/ FOV

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